Honey with Propolis (Berestov) 17.65 oz /500 g

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Honey with Propolis (Berestov) 17.65 oz /500 g Description

The taste of the honey with propolis is sweet with mild bitterness and a finish of vanilla. The fragrance is pleasant, balsamic.
Honey with propolis has a lot of medicinal properties and qualities. Honey and propolis are both powerful natural antibiotics, so honey with propolis should always be at hand as a natural “first aid”. It instantly stops the pain, kills viruses, and promotes rapid recovery of the immune system. Effective not only in pure form but also as inhalations, gargles and nose or eye drops. Useful in gastritis, diseases of the heart and liver, as a prevention of cold and flu. Suitable for external use - as a wound-healing and in the form of compresses with joint disease.
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