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Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea "Slim Body" Herbarica, Russian Ivan Tea, 20 Pyramids
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Herbal Tea
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Herbal Tea "Slim Body" Herbarica, Russian Ivan Tea, 20 Pyramids



Bright invigorating flavors of ginger and lemon!
Floral, fruity, citrus, fresh and contrasting with the aroma of spices and a sweet, light pleasantly burning floral and herbal rich aftertaste. It pleases, invigorates, refreshes!
This tea is especially good in the cold and after training.
Thermogenic substances in ginger help to consume more calories during active physical activity. This warming spice has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to cope with nausea, flatulence, and improve digestion. Ivan tea, lemon and rosehip - a triple charge of vitamin C – cleanses from toxins and toxins, energizes, increases endurance! Calendula, a natural antiseptic, is especially useful for men. A cup of this fragrant drink will warm you up, protect you from colds and ailments, and give you joyful emotions.
Herbarica Slim Body Natural Herb tea is a vitamin drink that does not contain caffeine and artificial flavors. 100% natural ingredients. Have a nice and healthy tea party!
Ginger, ivan tea (fermented cypress leaves), apple, lemongrass, lemon, calendula petals.

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