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Healthy Dessert
Healthy Dessert "Walnut in Pine Syrup", Russian Forest, 220g/ 7.76oz
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Healthy Dessert
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Healthy Dessert "Walnut in Pine Syrup", Russian Forest, 220g/ 7.76oz

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The combination of walnut and syrup from young pine cones conceals an amazing taste and pleasure that you want to prolong for more and more! Fortunately, it's not difficult to do this - it's enough to eat another spoonful of this amazing delicacy, and maybe more than one!
Nutritional value 100g:
4 proteins
18 fats
52 carbohydrates
385 kcal
We do not add artificial flavors and flavor enhancers to our products, only a bright nutty taste and a delicate syrup in each spoon!
Stylish glass jars will perfectly complement gift sets with tea or coffee, sweets, gift boxes with flowers and toys!
Desserts are suitable as an addition to various types of cheese in cheese plates!
Syrups in desserts are suitable for making the most delicious tea-based drinks!
Store at a temperature of +2 °C to +25 ° C, relative humidity of not more than 75%, in a place protected from light, after opening, store in the refrigerator.
Walnut, sugar, pine cone decoction, water, concentrated lemon juice.

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