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Gift Set of Jams
Gift Set of Jams "Silver", Russian Forest, 3 x 25g
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Gift Set of Jams
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Gift Set of Jams "Silver", Russian Forest, 3 x 25g

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Natural and pure product without preservatives, flavorings, dyes: berry jam on grape juice (without the addition of sucrose) and incredibly delicious forest desserts.
3 neat glass jars of 25 g each in a box made of designer cardboard.
Lingonberry jam - lingonberries, concentrated grape juice, fruit pectin thickener
Green pine cones jam - sugar, green pine cones, water, concentrated lemon juice
Pine nuts in pine syrup - sugar, pine nut kernels, water, decoction of pine cones, concentrated lemon juice
A gift set consisting of three stylish jars with unusual and useful treats, which is perfect as a gift for a man and a woman, will bring pleasant emotions to mom, dad, grandma or grandpa!
Give a unique gift set for any holiday!
Give this gift to a colleague, teacher or doctor, as a thank you for your cooperation!
Surprise your foreign guest or business partner with a gift set of real Russian berries!

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