Gift Set-Book
Gift Set-Book "Family" 3 items
$ 14.99
Brand: Magia Trav
SKU: 311547

Gift Set-Book "Family" 3 items

Balms are distinguished by excellent taste and aroma, 100% natural and have a healing effect, depending on the ingredient composition.
  • Men's balm is used to prevent diseases of the genitourinary system, increases libido in men.
  • Women's balm is recommended for the prevention of gynecological diseases of an inflammatory nature.
  • Immune balm increases resistance to colds, infectious diseases.
The special feature of the gift set is its originality, uniqueness, practicality and functional content. Creative packaging made of natural wood in the form of a book continues the theme of ECO-products.
The set includes:
1. Balsam "Mountain Siberia" Men's 100 ml-1 pc.
2. Balsam "Mountain Siberia" for Women 100 ml – 1 pc.
3. Balsam "Mountain Siberia" Immune 100 ml – 1 pc.
4. Box "Book", wood – 1 pc.
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