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Fruit Infusion with Cranberry, BiFix, 100g/ 0.22 lb
Fruit Infusion with Cranberry, BiFix, 100g/ 0.22 lb
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Fruit Infusion with Cranberry, BiFix, 100g/ 0.22 lb

Brand: BiFIX



Ingredients: cranberry fruit, hibiscus flower, chokeberry fruit, apple fruit, black elder fruit, blackcurrant fruit, rosehip peel, chokeberry juice concentrate, aroma.
Package: 100 g
Product description: This cranberry infusion contains  a wealth of natural substances that are naturally found in cranberries. Combined with apple, elderberry, black currant and chokeberry this infusion creates a unique and delicious experience for your taste buds. Cranberries are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and other substances that are very valuable to our bodies. Cranberries are natural antioxidants that soothe the negative effects of free radicals and provide natural protection for the cells in our body against their influence. In addition, cranberries support the proper functioning of the urinary tract.
This tea suitable for people of all ages.  In drinking this tea you are supplying your body with vital substances, and in doing so you are supporting your body's natural immune system.
Tea-making recipe: Insert into a cup 1 teaspoon of fruit. Pour boiling water. Brew for 3-8 minutes.

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