Eye Cream-Serum Imperial Caviar "1001 Rose" (Fresh SPA), 1.01 oz / 30ml

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Natura Siberica


Cream - Serum for skin around the eyes effectively smoothes wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, making your look younger and more expressive.

The composition with natural bio - components effectively fight against aging. Protein Egg White, known for its unique ckin care properties, effectively smooths wrinkles, eliminates puffiness under the eyes, stimulates the production of collagen, thereby enhancing the processes of cell renewal and erasing signs of fatigue and stress.

Nutrients that make up the calf, the intensity of exposure to the skin, significantly slow down the process of decay.

Absolute Arctic Rose improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Effect: Reduction of wrinkles; elimination of edema; reduction of dark circles under the eyes; the skin is more supple and taut.

Mode of application Morning and evening, apply gentle pat on cleansed skin of eyelids

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