Fenugreek Oil "Organic" 3.38 oz/ 100 ml

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Fenugreek Oil "Organic" 3.38 oz/ 100 ml Description

Fenugreek oil of the Company “Specialist” is a 100% natural product from fenugreek seeds grown in the European part of Russia.
The soft technology of the first cold pressing allows preserving the taste and benefits of the oil in its original form.
Fenugreek is not just a unique culture with beneficial properties, it is a real elixir of vitality.
The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and inhabitants of the eastern Mediterranean cultivated, harvested and used this plant for food and medicinal purposes.
Essential oils, phospholipids and fatty acids contained in the fenugreek oil have an excellent tonic, antioxidant and general strengthening effect, help to maintain the immunity and the blood formation.
Such a component as diosgenin in the oil contributes to the normalization of the endocrine profile, makes a woman more feminine and attractive, giving her youth, beauty and shine.
Cold-pressed oil contains a lot of properties valuable for the body. It is used both for the prevention and in the cooking to create the most delicious masterpieces.
Use it as a cosmetic remedy for healthy hair, skin elasticity and beauty maintenance.
It is just the fenugreek oil that is considered the oil of the female attractiveness.
It was believed that the seeds have a beneficial effect on women, increase the breast, improve the secretion of milk and its quality.
Now these assumptions are scientifically explained.
So, fenugreek is rich in substances that are phytoestrogens for the female body. It means that the fenugreek stimulates the increased production of the hormone prolactin, which promotes the lactation.
The plant has also a positive effect on men’s health.
Fenugreek oil favorably affects the circulatory system, helps to clean the blood and improves the functioning of the system in whole.
Fenugreek has a positive effect on the digestion.
Due to the high nutritional value, it is able to keep you without a sense of hunger for a long time and thereby to control your shapeliness. Dishes seasoned with this oil or two teaspoons per day help to cope with this task perfectly.
Fenugreek oil is also recommended to maintain the beauty, for example, by using it in hair masks, for head massage and as an additive to shampoo.
The components in its composition actively influence the hair state: they make it thicker, accelerate growth and give strength.
Fenugreek oil has a spicy aroma with light notes of nuts and wood, its bright taste will perfectly highlight the dishes in the oriental style.
Ingredients: fenugreek seed extract with holy thistle oil.
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