Farmer Cheese Lithuanian 0.5%, 10.58oz/300g
Farmer Cheese Lithuanian 0.5%, 10.58oz/300g
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Farmer Cheese Lithuanian 0.5%, 10.58oz/300g
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Farmer Cheese Lithuanian 0.5%, 10.58oz/300g

The “classic” farmer’s cheese has a long tradition and is beneficial for both children and adults.
It’s equally good when eaten alone or used for cheese based dishes.
Farmer’s cheese is a cultured soft cheese made from an old Eastern European recipe.
It is composed primarily of dry curds, which contribute to its slightly granular texture.
Farmer’s cheese is perfect for those who want to stay healthy.
It contains protein and makes a perfect combination with strawberry jam or regular banana to start your day healthy.
Researchers have found that in one hour your body digests only 32% of plain milk, while in the same time it can absorb 91% of farmer’s cheese.
Our Great Quality - Your Great Brand!
Product can be frozen.
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Thank Thank Thank you. I have been looking for this farmers cheese for many years.i grew up with this cheese my mother used for baking . I lived in Chicago and you could always find it. But as times changed it was not to be found anywhere.i am now 72 and am excited I found your site and Farmers Cheese again.

Now if I could find an old sausage called Klobosy I would be ever so happy to bring back old memories. Thank you again.

Excellent European style quark cheese, good price.

I like all your products. This cheese was fresh and delicious. I am going to order this one again.

I was expecting better than Kansas farmers cheese but did not get it. Not much taste watery and granulated.

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