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Exclusive Gift Wood & Leather Box
Exclusive Gift Wood & Leather Box "Frosty Morning" Chocolate Sweets 680g/1.5lb
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Exclusive Gift Wood & Leather Box
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Exclusive Gift Wood & Leather Box "Frosty Morning" Chocolate Sweets 680g/1.5lb

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In Russia we have tradition of presenting sweet gifts for the New Year Celebration.
It has been established since Nikolina day: on winter nights, the prototype of the modern Santa Claus with a bag over his shoulders walked around the courtyards and lowered candy into the chimneys for the most obedient kids.
In Soviet times, candy sets and tangerines broke all records of popularity.
Everyone remembers with unusual warmth "Bear in the North", "Squirrel" and ordinary caramel.
Now sweet gifts surprise both with a variety of assortment and execution of packing.
Universal gift for children and adults  - a set of chocolates in leather-wood decorative box.
The Christmas box is made of wood, upholstered in artificial leather.
Closes with an overhead lock in antique color.
So beautiful unusual gift for a manager at work, in the office, for someone who is very important.
Great gift for both men and women.
This little suitcase can then be used to store jewelry, cosmetics, needlework, small and necessary trifles.
Inside the box are fresh delicious candies from leading Russian and European factories.
Spectacular box filled with the best candies! Famous "Clubfoot Bear", "Belochka", "Alyonka" as part of the sweet filling.

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