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Essential Oil, Myrtle, Oleos, 5 ml/ 0.17 oz
Essential Oil, Myrtle, Oleos, 5 ml/ 0.17 oz
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Essential Oil, Myrtle, Oleos, 5 ml/ 0.17 oz
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Essential Oil, Myrtle, Oleos, 5 ml/ 0.17 oz

Brand: Oleos
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Composition: 100% myrtle essential oil obtained by steam distillation.
Myrtle essential oil is a liquid highly concentrated phytoessence from light yellow to greenish tint.
Fragrance is sharp, camphor, has a calming effect that increases resistance to stress.
Oil is used as a rejuvenating agent and is used in cosmetic masks that strengthen the hair.
Myrtle essential oil relieves nervous tension, helps to calm down, increases resistance to stress and fatigue. It has a cleansing, bronchodilatory effect, eliminates the smoker's cough, facilitates breathing. It is effective for problem skin, eliminates gums, acne. Strengthens the hair.
Range of applications of myrtle oil is quite wide:
  • in the medical field,
  • for face,
  • for body,
  • for hair,
  • in aromatherapy.
Baths, inhalations, rubbing, masks are recommended. Enriched cosmetics work well. The aromatization of the air calms, adjusts to a positive mood.

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