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Eau de Cologne for Men
Eau de Cologne for Men "Jasmine", Novaya Zarya, 85 ml/ 2.87 oz
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Eau de Cologne for Men
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Eau de Cologne for Men "Jasmine", Novaya Zarya, 85 ml/ 2.87 oz

Brand: Novaya Zarya


Fragrance of "Jasmine" is ambiguous.
It can be imagined insanely bright, at the same time simple or sophisticated in a secular way.
Whole unthinkable palette of feelings gets along in it - from the most tender to the crazy and passionate.
Jasmine cologne holds secrets that you can solve all your life, but you never get to the truth, because the melody of the fragrance has a unique feature that no one knows about.
Notes of bergamot open the mysterious melody of the fragrance.
Solo citrus motif with a slight spicy tinge is not heard alone here.
On the contrary, the luxurious fruity sound diverges into polyphony, thereby creating the illusion of the presence of additional notes.
Truly royal chords play in the notes of the heart. Sweet notes of Princess jasmine awaken sensuality and enhance attraction.
Sound of the queen of flowers – roses - gives the fragrance of "Jasmine" a multifaceted freshness that will never let feelings fade away.
Calm, really warm notes of sandalwood are energy, strength.
In the company of natural amber and musk, the illusion turns into a real feeling that will live for a long time…
Jasmine cologne. A mystery that can be solved all your life.
Eau de cologne "Lily of the Valley". Spring image in the sound of purity.

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