Wooden Easter Hand Painted Egg, 2.5
Wooden Easter Hand Painted Egg, 2.5", 1 pc
$ 2.99
SKU: 307986

Wooden Easter Hand Painted Egg, 2.5", 1 pc


Easter is one of the biggest Christian holidays which is widely celebrated all over the world. The traditional symbol of the holiday is an egg. Orthodox Christians paint chicken eggs in various colors, serve them at a holiday table and play together by coliding two eggs and seeing whose egg cracks first.

Also Easter eggs are given as a present to relatives, friends and neighbors. We offer lovely wooden Easter eggs that were hand made and hand painted in various bright and festive colors and decorated with neat patterns. The eggs will serve as a present, and they will look great as a table or interior decoration. It is also believed that wooden Easter eggs protect the house from all the negativity and evil. 

*The eggs come in various patterns and colors which depend on our stock. 

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