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SKU: 313651
Smoked Trout in Olive Oil, Eco Food, 160g/ 5.64oz
SKU: 312118
Natural Salmon w/ Tomato Sauce, Ecofood, 240g/ 0.53lb
SKU: 311551
Natural Salmon in Its Own Juice, Eco Food, 240 g/ 0.53 lb
SKU: 3106850
Rainbow Trout in Its Own Juice, Natural, 0.53 lb/ 240 g
SKU: 3106849
Rainbow Trout in Tomato Sauce, 0.53 lb/ 240 g
SKU: 310260
Sturgeon Fish Soup Ukha Royal Style, 530g/ 1.17 lb
SKU: 309963
Rainbow Trout Royal Fish Soup, 500 g
Rainbow Trout Royal Fish Soup, 500 g
SKU: 308125
Sturgeon in Olive Oil with Rice, 8.47 oz / 240 g

The organization is relatively young, however, its history, as a manufacturer of canned products, originates from the entry into operation in 1997 of a plant built in the Ararat region of Armenia.

The organization's personnel initially operated as a part of another company, as a result of expansion and development Eco Food LLC was established in 2012.

Built in the post-Soviet period, the factory has a 21-year history, during which, having taken on numerous orders for the production of canned goods, it gained not only letters of appreciation and medals, but also the love and trust of the consumers that accompany our company, which remained true to the traditions. 

Thanks to modern equipment, advanced technologies, professionalism of specialists and the use of environmentally friendly raw materials (non-GMO), we manage to preserve the unique taste and quality of Armenian canned products. It is worth noting that part of our products is the result of our own research.

The development process is subject to strict quality control.
Our products do not contain artificial food additives, and they are not subject to any chemical attack. Quality and unique taste are ensured by using only natural and fresh raw materials and spices (salt, bay leaf, black pepper, allspices, coriander seeds, tomato sauce, etc.).
One of the indisputable guarantees of quality is also the fact that most of the work is done manually, with strict observance of sanitary standards.

Our organization strives to use its potential in maximum, and while people who are interested in the development of the company, WE WILL BE THE BEST.