Dry perfume
Dry perfume "Red Moscow" 20g
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Dry perfume "Red Moscow" 20g

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Dry perfume "Red Moscow" on the figure label Volume: 20 g The composition includes a composition of fragrant substances "Iris". Spirits are designed for storage in the closet, chest of drawers to give a pleasant smell to linen. This is a modern fragrance for clothes, clothes, wardrobes, at home. The aroma is one of the expensive gifts that nature gives us, with the help of which we can give our house the aroma of herbal coolness, bright aroma of currant, aroma of a blooming garden or rich aromas of tropical fruits. New flavored pads and bags with phytopopurri are made of taffeta of various colors and exquisite sewing. Touching fragrant pads decorated with exquisite ribbons and decorative flowers. Bright lace bags can be put or hung in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the bedroom and they will fill the room with fresh fruit and floral aroma. Fragrant delights worthy of decorating your home!

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