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Dry Mushrooms Forest Mix Box, 25gr
Dry Mushrooms Forest Mix Box, 25gr
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Dry Mushrooms Forest Mix Box, 25gr
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Dry Mushrooms Forest Mix Box, 25gr



Dried Mushrooms are dried and preserved so that they may be eated any time during the year.
Dried Mushrooms must be stored properly in order to ensure a long shelf life.
Once reconstituted, Dried Mushrooms may replace fresh mushrooms in most dishes.
Dried Mushrooms should be covered and soaked in boiling water for fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinsed.
The mushroom flavor infused cooking liquid may be saved for use in soups, stews and sauces.
Conversely, Dried Mushrooms may be rinsed first and then added directly to a recipe that will cook for at least twenty-five minutes.
Typically once ounce of Dried Mushrooms will rehydrate to three to four ounces in size.

What can you do with them?
From condiments to teas, below are just a few suggestions:
  • Reconstitute and use whole in pastas, soups, and sauces
  • Grind to a powder and use to flavor any recipe
  • Use alcohol to make an extract of the healthy compounds
  • Add to boiling water to make a beneficial mushroom tea

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