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Dried Sticks of Pike, 30g/1.05oz
Dried Sticks of Pike, 30g/1.05oz
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Dried Sticks of Pike, 30g/1.05oz



A Pike straw is a dish that is a fillet of Pike, cut into thin long pieces and dried to the state of straws. This is a traditional snack that can be found in the kitchens of many Eastern European countries, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
The Pike straw has a characteristic taste and aroma, which is due to the properties of the Pike itself and the process of its preparation. Pike is a freshwater fish, which has tender meat. During the drying process, the Pike fillet acquires a crispy texture, and is also saturated with smoke aromas, which gives the straw a special taste and makes it an ideal snack for beer.
Usually, a Pike straw is prepared from fresh fish. The Pike fillet is separated from the bones and skin, cut into thin strips and dried in special dryers or outdoors. Often, before drying, the straw can be pre-pickled in spices, salt and vinegar.
The result is a fragrant and delicious snack, which can be served either cold or slightly warmed up. Pike straws are usually eaten by dipping it in various sauces or just like that, with beer or other drinks.

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