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Dried Rosehip Fruits, Semushka, 350g/ 12.35oz
Dried Rosehip Fruits, Semushka, 350g/ 12.35oz
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Dried Rosehip Fruits, Semushka, 350g/ 12.35oz



Nutritional value of 100g:
3.4 proteins
1.4 fats
48.3 carbohydrates
219 kcal
It is a natural product that is ready to use. Rosehip has a rich sour taste. Rosehip fruits are rich in ascorbic acid, so it is used to make drinks that support the immune system.
Rosehip has a hematopoietic effect, increases the body's resistance to harmful environmental influences, accelerates wound healing and bone fusion, normalizes the functioning of the gallbladder and liver, perfectly fights spring vitamin deficiency and exhaustion.
To achieve the maximum health-improving effect, rosehip must be brewed correctly. We recommend that you prepare the infusion in a thermos, this will allow the useful substances not only to open up more fully, but also to persist, since prolonged heating and boiling are excluded.

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