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SKU: 311363
Pacific Sardine Ivasi, Natural, Dobroflot, 245 g / 0.54 lb
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SKU: 3106885
Pacific Sardine (Ivasi) Smoked in Oil, 0.46 lb/ 210 g
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SKU: 3106715
Canned Natural Far Eastern Mackerel in Oil, 0.54 lb/ 245g
SKU: 3106714
Canned Natural Pacific Saury in Oil, 0.54 lb/ 245g
SKU: 200224
Gorbusha Salmon, 8.8 oz / 245 g
Gorbusha Salmon, 8.8 oz / 245 g
SKU: 200455
Saury in Its Own Juice, 8.82 oz / 250 g
SKU: 200447
Seaweed Salad, 7.76 oz / 220 g
Seaweed Salad, 7.76 oz / 220 g
Dobroflot is the history of a fishing company with more than a century of traditions
Since 1911, we have been concentrating our efforts in fishing and the production of canned fish.
Since the end of 2019, two new production complexes for processing fish fillets and fish cooking have been launched.
We only get wild fish, because it is the only one that has a natural taste.
We cook canned fish the way only we can. Generations of fishermen and specialists of more than a dozen professions have invested their strength and knowledge to ensure that today fish delicacies do not disappear from our table.
We set our own quality standards, returning the prestige of domestic fish products.
We do not pursue technology, but we develop to preserve traditions.