Day Face Cream
Day Face Cream "Birch Organic", Taiga Tales, Grandma Agafya's Recipes, 70 ml/ 2.37 oz
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Day Face Cream "Birch Organic", Taiga Tales, Grandma Agafya's Recipes, 70 ml/ 2.37 oz

BIRCH DAY FACE CREAM based on taiga birch sap, sorrel and white flax SPF 15 SUPER MOISTURIZING
- instantly moisturizes
- rejuvenates the skin
- gives smoothness and softness
- restores the skin
Organic day cream for the face contains only natural ingredients:
Birch sap, which we extract in the spring in the Kaa-Khem district in Tuva, contains life-giving moisture, saturates with minerals, vitamins and trace elements, has a refreshing and tonic effect, relieves irritation, accelerates the healing of inflammation;
Wild sorrel, which we collect by hand in Tuva, accelerates cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, moisturizes and makes the skin supple and elastic, thanks to the high concentration of organic acids and vitamins A and C;
Fresh white flax extract is ideal for sensitive skin, soothes and eliminates redness, gives it smoothness and elasticity.
Apply a small amount of cream to clean, dry skin of the face. The cream is ideal for daily use.
water, surfactant, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, preservative, thickener, vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, polysaccharide, birch sap, mineral UV filters, organic olive oil, organic iris extract, organic heather extract, organic taiga honeydew extract, organic cloudberry oil, organic silk grass extract, organic sorrel extract, organic white flax oil, organic heather extract, natural cellulose component
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