Sugar Cookies with glaze "Sladkaya Sloboda" 285g

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Sladkaya Sloboda

Sugar Cookies with glaze "Sladkaya Sloboda" 285g Description

Crumbly sugar cookies made in rustic milk with natural cocoa and coated with chocolate icing. It has a bright chocolate flavor and aroma.

Milk is a source of vitamins and microelements, which gives the liver a unique tenderness and crispness. The name "Rustic" evokes memories from childhood: the summer holidays at the grandmother, natural tasty products and fresh cow milk. These cute details of country life can be easily guessed on the bright packaging of our cookies.

The whole family can eat cookies every day, because it is so crisp and tasty! The form and recipe of cookies is ideal for soaking in milk, tea or coffee - the cookie becomes soft and at the same time holds the shape.
Sugar Cookies with glaze Sugar Cookies with glaze
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Hi all!
We have been buying Russian candies and cookies at Russian Food store for at least 3 summers.
We don't have any complains about their service. Usually, everything is fast and packed well.
Have a nice day!

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