Cologne Red Moscow "Krasnaya Moskva" 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz

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Cologne Red Moscow "Krasnaya Moskva" 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz Description

Red Moscow is not just perfume. This is Chanel No. 5, which is often called the Russian version. With the appearance on sale in 1925, a delicious elixir awakens the minds and hearts of millions of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. The number of components is more than 60 components. Once representatives of the bourgeoisie and the upper strata of society used this aroma, and today vintage bottles adorn private collections of true spiritual connoisseurs with history. In the development of the popular smell, Auguste Michel himself took part. New Dawn Krasnaya Moskva again went on sale after a long break, so fans of this enchanting fragrance can rejoice. The perfume triangle opens with citrus chords of green bergamot, which perfectly combines with the spicy spice of eastern coriander. The exotic fragrance of fragrant orange color flows smoothly into the heart of the composition, where it harmoniously combines with the color motifs of luxurious, snow-white jasmine. A dizzying bouquet presented by a rose made of delicate, bewitching cloves emphasizes a special feminine aroma. The ornate ylang-ylang weaves in a slow dance with an intoxicating iris and opens the base of the pyramids. A thin translucent haze of bean looks tempting next to the hateful sweetness of white vanilla, forming an elegant aftertaste.

Cologne Red Moscow Cologne Red Moscow
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