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Cod Liver, 0.29lb/ 120g
Cod Liver, 0.29lb/ 120g
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Cod Liver, 0.29lb/ 120g

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Cod is popular as a food with a mild flavor and a dense, flaky white flesh. Young Atlantic cod or haddock prepared in strips for cooking is called scrod. Cod's soft liver can be canned or fermented into cod liver oil, providing an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). "citation needed" Cod flesh is moist and flaky when cooked and is white in color. In the United Kingdom Atlantic cod is one of the most common ingredients in fish and chips, along with haddock and plaice. Cod can be easily turned into various other products, such as cod liver oil, omega pills, etc.
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