Chocolate with Whole Milk "Pobeda Vkusa" 250g

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Chocolate with Whole Milk "Pobeda Vkusa" 250g Description

The rich, pronounced taste of Cote d’Ivoire cocoa butter in Victory’s unique white chocolate is softened by the tenderness of milk from the French Alps. In this series, we offer you several types of chocolate with flavored additives: pieces of fruit or berries.
White chocolate "Victory" is ideal for slow tasting and leisurely enjoying a variety of delicious flavors. This is chocolate for the mood. Gradually increasing a sense of joy, a fullness of life and vigor envelops you, accompanying all day.
In combination with savory pieces of strawberry, orange and apricot white chocolate give a sense of optimism and a special soft aftertaste with subtle fruity notes...
Chocolate with Whole Milk Chocolate with Whole Milk
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