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Chocolate & Caramel Candiy Mix Christmas Sweet Gift
Chocolate & Caramel Candiy Mix Christmas Sweet Gift "Write to Ded Moroz", 450g/ 1lb
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Chocolate & Caramel Candiy Mix Christmas Sweet Gift "Write to Ded Moroz", 450g/ 1lb

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The tradition of giving not only a sense of celebration, but also sweet gifts, is deeply rooted in the past. 
Sweet Christmas gifts were given to wish a joyful and, most importantly, a sweet new year. 
This tradition spontaneously arose in different countries around the world, as a kid of any nationality wants to receive such gifts. 
But adults love sweets too, because each of us deep in heart – a child who is looking forward to the new year holidays and believes in a miracle.
Here are Russian sweets of the highest quality for you! 
Only the best caramel and chocolate in colorful bright holiday boxes!
Sweets are purchased literally from the conveyor. 
The carefully selected composition will please with its diversity and children and adults.

Having studied the wishes of children and parents, the manufacturer chose the most interesting and practical options for packaging. Fabulous and traditional Russian motifs of packaging design, make such gift 10 times more emotional.

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