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Chocolate Dessert with Souffle
Chocolate Dessert with Souffle "Levushka", Slavyanka, 226g/ 0.5lb
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Chocolate Dessert with Souffle
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Chocolate Dessert with Souffle "Levushka", Slavyanka, 226g/ 0.5lb

Brand: Slavyanka


Delicious three-layer dessert - delicate chocolate sponge cake, caramel jelly and creamy souffle in a magnificent glaze.
Nutritional value of 100g of product:
2.5 proteins
16 fats
60 carbohydrates
400 kcal
Sugar, molasses, cocoa mass, vegetable fat (vegetable oils, antioxidant E306), wheat flour, condensed whole milk with sugar (whole milk, skimmed milk, sugar (sucrose, lactose)), cocoa butter equivalent (vegetable oils, emulsifier E322), dry cream, dry egg yolk, protein dry egg, complex food additive gelling agent (gelling agent pectin, stabilizers E450i, E450iii, E452i, E341i), dextrose), gelling agent agar, glucose, corn starch, cocoa butter substitute, natural flavor "Cream, with cream extract", salt, acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E476), flavors, cocoa powder, dyes (sugar color I simple, titanium dioxide), moisture-retaining agents (glycerin, propylene glycol), baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), rectified ethyl alcohol, complex food additive emulsifier (sugar, emulsifiers (E470, E471, E475), moisture-retaining agents (glycerin, propylene glycol), preservative E202), fermented glucose

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