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Chocolate Candies
Chocolate Candies "In the Land of Dwarfs", Slavyanka, 226g/ 0.5lb
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Chocolate Candies
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Chocolate Candies "In the Land of Dwarfs", Slavyanka, 226g/ 0.5lb

Brand: Slavyanka
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Waffle candies, familiar to many since childhood, are covered with a thin chocolate glaze.
Inside is a crispy waffle with chocolate filling and coffee flavor.
GMO-free, without dyes and preservatives.
For lovers of coffee flavor and waffle candies.
Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, coconut oil, cocoa butter substitute (vegetable oils, emulsifiers (E492, soy lecithin), antioxidant tocopherol mixture concentrate), cocoa powder, egg products, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, polyglycerin esters and mutually esterified ricinolic acids), salt, flavors, baking powder sodium bicarbonate, regulator acidity citric acid.

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Does the dwarf candy help the Elves of Elva, Finland and British stay small in stature?


ARCTIC Slope Regional Corporation Inupiat, Canadian, British and Russian want to have short legs so Cuban don't steal from us.

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