Chaga Tea
Chaga Tea "Voice of the North" with Currant Leaf, 12 pyramids *2gr
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Chaga Tea
Brand: Ivan Tea
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Chaga Tea "Voice of the North" with Currant Leaf, 12 pyramids *2gr


Amazing delicious and fragrant blend!

Birch is the most useful tree.
Birch firewood is used to heat the bathhouse, birch brooms are used to steam, birch bark is used to weave twigs and boxes, and birch sap gives us the power of awakening nature every spring.
Birch chaga-the center of useful properties of birch!
Chaga tea (a tea drink made from birch chaga) is an excellent source of antioxidants.
Chaga tea helps to: increase immunity, improve the cardiovascular system, prevent cancer, prevent gastritis, and prevent stomach ulcers.
We carefully restored the technology of creating tea from birch chaga and mixed it with fragrant currants. Currant leaves are rich in useful substances: macro-and microminerals (Mg, Fe, Mn, Ag, Cu, K); vitamin complex-B, C, E, K, P; sugars; pectins; essential oils.
The polar wolf is a strong, intelligent and hardy predator.
It can go 80 km per night and live for weeks without food, boldly enters into battle with an opponent stronger than himself and often wins. Wins by being ready to go all the way. He can survive alone, but prefers life in a pack. If there is no prey, the wolf feeds on herbs and fungi, insects and amphibians. Nothing is impossible for a wolf!
Fill a pyramid of chaga tea with 250 ml of hot water 100 S. Wait 3-5 minutes until the tea opens and gets a taste. Enjoy!
Crushed chaga, currant leaf.
In the package-12 pyramids of 2 gr. in individual sachet.
It does not contain colorants, flavorings, preservatives or GMOs.
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This tea is very good for immune support a body, for stress relief and has pleasant taste. I like it, thank you

Чага пахнет и выглядит свежей. Нет плесени и запаха затхлости. Пахнет свежей чагой. Наверное буду заказывать еще.

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