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Chaga Tea with Cocoa Beans & Cinnamon
Chaga Tea with Cocoa Beans & Cinnamon "Earth Power", Russian Ivan Tea, 20 pyramids
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Chaga Tea with Cocoa Beans & Cinnamon
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Chaga Tea with Cocoa Beans & Cinnamon "Earth Power", Russian Ivan Tea, 20 pyramids



Soft, sweet and slightly spicy tea from birch chaga tea has healing properties. The fungus takes them from birch sap. Aroma of this tea is delicate, coniferous, with woody notes.
Birch chaga is harvested by hand in the protected corners of Siberia, and then crushed using a special technology to preserve the beneficial properties of the mushroom in the drink.
Properties of chaga tea in pyramids with a label:
Chaga contains about 10 micro- and macroelements useful for the body.
There are a lot of antioxidants in tea. We need these substances to lead an active life and feel good for many years.
Tannins, which are rich in mushroom, relieve inflammation.
Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants, so it enhances the beneficial properties of chaga, and cocoa beans improve mood.
There are no artificial additives and dyes in the composition of chaga tea. We use only natural ingredients.
Birch chaga crushed, cocoa beans crushed, strawberry leaves, cinnamon, orange peel, calendula petals.

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So delicious tea!!!
Awesome product!
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