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Chaga Tea
Chaga Tea "The Master of the Taiga", Russian Ivan Tea, 100 tea bags
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Chaga Tea
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Chaga Tea "The Master of the Taiga", Russian Ivan Tea, 100 tea bags



Birch chaga is a healing spring. Chaga grows on birch trees and is collected in the northern regions of Russia. It is recommended for patients with gastritis, ulcers, and diabetes mellitus.
The "King of Plants" accelerates wound healing, strengthens the immune system, normalizes arterial and venous pressure, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and also helps the outflow of bile and the work of the excretory system. Chaga normalizes blood pressure, helps the kidneys regulate water balance and eliminate toxins. This is an excellent detox tea for weight loss and swelling. It can be used as a baby tea for babies and is suitable for pregnant women and during lactation, as chaga tea is decaffeinated.
Regular use of herbal tea has an effective effect on the digestive tract. A cup of packaged herbal tea, drunk at night, calms the nervous system, improves sleep quality and relieves stress and chronic fatigue.
Composition: Birch chaga

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