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Ceramic Figurine Gzhel Symbol 2023 Blue Funny Bunny 3.94
Ceramic Figurine Gzhel Symbol 2023 Blue Funny Bunny 3.94"
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Ceramic Figurine Gzhel Symbol 2023 Blue Funny Bunny 3.94"



Black Water Rabbit - Symbol of 2023.
Coming year is considered one of the happiest.
It does not promise shocks. On the contrary, life will be measured and calm.
The Year of Rabbit promises kindness, romance, communication, family happiness.
It is believed that this year family conflicts and quarrels with dear people will be avoided.
The figures of hares in the Gzhel technique are a stunning authentic gift. All products are only Russian-made and of high quality.
The Rabbit figure is known by an amazing brilliance. It can be added to the collection of connoisseurs of Gzhel.
The rabbit figurine brings a touch of charm and comfort to the atmosphere of your home, lifts the mood up and decorates your room.
Decorative ceramic bunny figurine is combined with any interior, will be an excellent item of Christmas tree decoration and a gift for New Year, Easter, Christmas.
According to the Eastern calendar, the rabbit is a symbol of the New Year 2023-a talisman of good luck!
Give figurines and figurines of cute bunnies to Gzhel and your gift will definitely like it!

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