Caramel Candy "Mechta" Rot Front, 8.8 oz / 250 g

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Rot Front

Caramel Candy "Mechta" Rot Front Description

Caramel with fondant filling with citrus marmalade.
Dream - pink candy, the taste familiar from childhood!
This is the real traditional caramel!

This caramel is quite soft, with creamy notes. Try with green tea!

The history of the brand, now known as "Rot Front", goes from 1826.
It was then, almost 200 years ago, Sergei Lenov opened a "Confectionery workshop", where he produced Fudge and caramel.
Two centuries later, "Rot Front" is a wide range of chocolates, caramel, halva, wafers and jelly beans.

Caramel with fondant filling.


  • sugar
  • drinking water
  • molasses>
  • lemon welding (lemon puree (lemons, preservative potassium sorbac)
  • applesauce (apples, preservative - sulfur dioxide), sugar)
  • acidity regulator - citric acid
  • flavor identical to natural "Lemon">

In 100 g of product contains:

  • fat - 0.1g
  • carbohydrates - 94g

Energy value: 380 kcal

Store at a temperature of 15 to 21 C and a relative humidity of 75%.

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 450 days

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