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Candy Set #1 Roshen, 1 lb
Candy Set #1 Roshen, 1 lb
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Candy Set #1 Roshen, 1 lb



Ritual of giving is one of the oldest rites of expression of good intentions, observed as in civilized communities.
In 1563, on the birthday of Elizabeth of Valois, the most valuable and really happy gift to the queen was a box of chocolates.
The Queen responded to the remark that she liked sweets more than diamonds.: "I get diamonds all the time, they are expensive, but you can buy them anywhere. And chocolate candies are such a rarity. Besides, they taste much better than diamonds."
Despite the fact that candy is now available to everyone, they have not lost their presentable value.
Russian Russian and European sweets are packed in a box with an authentic Russian painting.
We have collected the most delicious Russian and European sweets for you. This will be a wonderful gift for any celebration!

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