Living Honey
Living Honey "Berestoff A.S." Buckwheat Altaysvet, 8.46 oz
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Living Honey
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Living Honey "Berestoff A.S." Buckwheat Altaysvet, 8.46 oz

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Honey "Berastoff A.S." Buckwheat Altaysvet brought the best apiary south-eastern regions of the Altai Territory. Thanks to its special mineral composition of the soil of this part of the local Altai buckwheat honey contains several times more iron and magnesium than other grades of honey. It is known that these minerals stimulate circulation and increase hemoglobin levels in humans.
Origin: Altay region
Botanical Ingredients: Buckwheat (may be present: sainfoin, angelica and other honey plants)
Honey Bouquet: The aroma of spicy cinnamon, with a charming bouquet of ripe herbs. The taste of caramel, warm, with a peppery nuances.
Directions: If you eat buckwheat honey in the treatment and prevention purposes, it should be done with each meal. It is believed that in such a case, buckwheat honey is easily digested and quickly improves circulation. At an anemia it is recommended to have daily tea from flowers of a linden with buckwheat honey, having added 2 tablespoons of red wine.
Food and energy value per 100 g:
80.3 g carbohydrates,
calories 324 kcal.
Shelf life: Store at temperatures not above 20 ° C for 2 years from the date of packaging.
Altai honey is an environmentally friendly product, the raw material for which is given by the pristine nature. These are Alpine meadows, tundra forests, and floodplain lowlands.
All zones have their own climatic feature, which is transmitted through the herbs delicious and very useful honey.
It is believed that the richest bribes of honey gives herbs of the region, although in the Altai region there are many homogeneous honey arrays, from which single-flyer varieties of honey are obtained.
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