Bubble Bath Bomb
Bubble Bath Bomb "Rosemary and Lavender",220gr / 7.76 oz
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Bubble Bath Bomb
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Bubble Bath Bomb "Rosemary and Lavender",220gr / 7.76 oz

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The bubble ball softens hard water, enriches it with useful oils, extracts and herbs.
Organic rosemary oil has an antiseptic effect, stimulates metabolic processes in cells.
Lavender oil is obtained from flowers by steam distillation. The composition of lavender is saturated with beneficial substances, it contains more than 300 organic compounds.
Cornflower extract acts as an active moisturizer, gently cares for sensitive skin, improves dry skin turgor, soothes, relieves irritation.
Linden blossom soothes and moisturizes the skin of any type, even irritated and sensitive, softens and normalizes intercellular metabolism, has anti-inflammatory effect.
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