Bowfin Black Caviar, 7 oz / 200 g

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Bowfin Black Caviar Description

This black caviar comes from wild Bowfin (Amia Calva) which is even more ancient than the sturgeons. This black caviar, with its medium sized roe, ranges in natural color from dark gray to black. Eggs are firm and have an intense, nutty taste and are comparable in size and color to Caspian Sea Sevruga Sturgeon. Bowfin caviar is widely used in Europe as a respectable, less expensive substitute for sturgeon caviar.

Product of the USA.

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Alex Nason
Jan 31, 2019
You can immediately tell the difference when you compare this against their finest caviar, but it's not bad at all. Maybe a 7 out of 10 compared to the best. fishier, brinier, much smaller, than the finest available. Great value considering the price.
svetlana zanin
Dec 6, 2018
Good quality, nice taste1
Amy Scudese
Jul 26, 2018
Very good, excellent value!