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Bologna Sausage
Bologna Sausage "Doktorskaya", Biovela, 453g/ 15.98oz
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Bologna Sausage
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Bologna Sausage "Doktorskaya", Biovela, 453g/ 15.98oz

Brand: BioVela
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"Doktorskaya" is a variety of boiled sausage popular in the USSR and in the post—Soviet space, corresponding to GOST 23670-79.
A pale pink dietary product with a reduced fat content.
The doctor's sausage was conceived as a dietary product, and with reasonable consumption it remains so.
It has a lot of protein, it is rich in iron, which is well absorbed and indicated for anemia.
Great for sandwiches and as an ingredient of solyanka and various salads.
Glycemic index 34

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