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Black Paddlefish Caviar, 100g/ 3.5oz
Black Paddlefish Caviar, 100g/ 3.5oz
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Black Paddlefish Caviar, 100g/ 3.5oz
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Black Paddlefish Caviar, 100g/ 3.5oz

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Black caviar of paddlefish, a family of sturgeon.
Wonderful and unforgettable to the taste of the paddlefish caviar is also very useful.
Paddlefish caviar contains 30% of high-value proteins and 10% of easily digestible fats.
According to its taste and energy value, delicious paddlefish caviar is not inferior to sturgeon caviar. American paddlefish caviar is very similar in taste.
Nutritional value per 100 g of caviar is:
proteins- 17.9 g;
fats-26.4 g;
carbohydrates-4 g;
In 100 g of american sturgeon caviar contains 252 kcal.

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