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Birch Bark Hair Clip Flower
Birch Bark Hair Clip Flower
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Birch Bark Hair Clip Flower

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A birch bark hair clip is a stylish and environmentally friendly accessory made of natural material - birch bark.
A Russian hair clip made of birch bark is a wonderful gift for any woman or girl!
Birch bark is the top layer of birch. It is characterized by strength, flexibility and beautiful appearance.
Hair Clips made of this material are ideal for everyday wear, and can also be used for special occasions.

Birch bark hair clips are presented in various shapes and designs, which allows you to choose an accessory for any style and type of hairstyle. They can be decorated with various elements, such as flowers, which makes them even more attractive and authentic.

Due to its properties, birch bark hair clips are durable and resistant to external influences, such as moisture and sunlight. They do not lose their shape and color over time, retaining their original appearance for a long time.

Use of birch bark hairclip not only adds a zest to the image, but also takes care of the health of the hair and scalp. The material has antibacterial properties, which helps prevent dandruff and other skin problems. In addition, birch bark helps to preserve the freshness and volume of the hairstyle, due to its ability to retain moisture.

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