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Beef Stew Tushonka, Belmont, 0.62 lb/ 280g
Beef Stew Tushonka, Belmont, 0.62 lb/ 280g
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Beef Stew Tushonka, Belmont, 0.62 lb/ 280g

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The inventor of this method of meat canning is the French chef Nicolas Upper (1749-1841). 
For the first time canned goods began to be made during the Napoleonic wars. 
During the first Russian Antarctic expedition of 1819-21. Travellers ate "boiled beef in cans prepared in England."
Now Tushenka is a product that can diversify both home menus, and help out in the campaign.
However, there are times when you need one of the methods of warming up the cans. And this will not necessarily be one of the conditions of cooking, for example, in the strong frost.
Fast-spreading fire, you can warm up canned food at the stake. Hot meat with meat broth in a bite with bread - a real delicacy! And very satisfying. After all, it just tastes better!

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