Body Care Beauty Box Cafe Mimi Gift Set
Body Care Beauty Box Cafe Mimi Gift Set
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Body Care Beauty Box Cafe Mimi Gift Set

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France inspired us with its amazing landscapes and exquisite desserts to create a unique series of “beauty café”. Ingredients: for this series brought from the famous French manufacturers of natural oils and extracts. The kit includes: • Body Milk 150 ml; • effervescent bath salt SPA 100 gr; • bast; • glycerin soap. Café mimi is a complete salon treatment. Café mimi recipes are designed by cosmetologists who specialize in salon care. The series is created for a quick and effective solution when every minute counts. The composition of each tool has everything for active care. Café mimi is a bright series of cosmetics for those who do not want to compromise, but are ready to get everything at once: naturalness, fast results, positive design and convenient packaging.

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