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Baking Mix
Baking Mix "Russian Black Bread" Fitodar, 500g/1.1lb
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Baking Mix
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Baking Mix "Russian Black Bread" Fitodar, 500g/1.1lb

Brand: Fitodar
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Nutritional value of the product:
305 kcal
Ideal for bread makers.
Also suitable for baking in the oven.
Flour of the highest grade and the highest quality of the ingredients included in the composition!
A perfectly balanced bread mixture, almost ready for baking, always guarantees high quality of the finished bread and saves a lot of time.
The recipe is indicated on the back of the package.
You can always cook fresh and delicious bread at home, just like from a bakery.
Wheat flour, rye flour, sunflower seeds, buckwheat flour, malt, salt, food additives: citric acid, ascorbic acid.

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