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Army Individual Food Ration #1, Russia (for Ebay)
Army Individual Food Ration #1, Russia (for Ebay)
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Army Individual Food Ration #1, Russia (for Ebay)



Army's individual diet, developed according to new standards, which are based on the concept of balanced and adequate nutrition with an optimal ratio of nutrients.
Food for rations is made from environmentally friendly, high-quality animal and vegetable raw materials rich in natural biologically active substances.
Main advantages:
Reliable protection of products - withstands the effects of: water, high temperature, chemical and bacteriological contamination, light radiation.
Shelf life - under normal conditions up to 2 two years.
Conditions of use - ready to eat immediately or minimal preparation is required (warming up or recovery).
The main consumers are geologists, loggers, builders, hunters, fishermen, tourists, drivers, athletes, filming groups and many others working in isolation from supply bases, as well as settlements.
Amazing solution for hiking!
The best gift for beginners and professional tourists.
Also, the packaging of the diet can always be in your car for unforeseen occasions: all products are packed and do not require a special temperature regime for storage.
Army galette wheat flour
Army galette flour 
Beef meatballs 250 g
Salted canned bacon 100 g
Special sausage stuffing 50 g
Tender pate 50 g
Buckwheat porridge with beef 250 g
Goulash with potatoes 250 g
Vegetable stew 100 g
Fruit and berry concentrate 75 g
Processed sterilized cheese 80 g
Fruit jam 45 g
Puree of fruits and berries natural 100 g
Bitter chocolate 30 g
Black bayh tea 4 g
Instant coffee 2 g
Dry cream 2 g
Sugar 60 g
Salt 5 g
Pepper 1 g
Multivitamin 1 pc.
Chewing gum 10 g
Tablet for disinfection of water 3 pcs
Heater portable kit
Water-resistant matches 6 pcs.
Hand sanitizer wipes 3 pcs
Paper napkins 3 pcs.
Plastic spoon 3 pcs.
Plastic knife 1 pc.
Weight:  4.6 lb
Exp:  Jan 2023

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