Apple Marmalade, Belevsky 0.62 lb/ 280 gr
Apple Marmalade, Belevsky 0.62 lb/ 280 gr
$ 3.99
Apple Marmalade, Belevsky 0.62 lb/ 280 gr
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Brand: Belevsky
SKU: 3107035

Apple Marmalade, Belevsky 0.62 lb/ 280 gr

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Ingredients: sugar, Apple puree, glucose syrup, gelling agent-pectin, acidity regulator-lactic acid, acidity regulator-citric acid.
The energy value of 290 kcal 1200 kJ
Net weight: 280 g
Belevsky marmalade is a sweetness that will delight both children and adults. This is a traditional delicacy that first appeared in Europe, in the 14th century. Only the nobles could afford to eat it. Marmalade was obtained when it turned out that some fruits, if they are thoroughly boiled, turn into a fragrant and dense sweet mass.
Belevsky fruit marmalade differs from industrial analogues: it has a denser consistency, a pronounced natural taste of berry or fruit juice (juice is the basis of the dessert). The factory creates marmalade exclusively by hand, in small batches, adhering to the traditional recipe and production technology. That is why Belevsky marmalade is so delicious and flavorful, so tender and melting in your mouth! Currant marmalade, cranberry marmalade, marmalade with Apple - in their compositions there are no dyes or flavor enhancers. It will decorate both a weekday and a holiday!
Health in each piece
Belevsky marmalade is a completely natural product rich in pectin, which has only a positive effect on the body:
  • reduces level of "bad" cholesterol;
  • reduces  risk of developing cardiovascular diseases;
  • removes toxic substances from the body;
  • it stimulates the normalization of metabolism.
So natural marmalade will be useful not only for adults, but also for children. It will allow you to enjoy the bright taste of natural fruits, dense, but at the same time delicate consistency of marmalade.
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