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Anti-Acne Cream-Gel for Problem Skin
Anti-Acne Cream-Gel for Problem Skin "Before & After", Twins Tek, 50ml/ 1.69 fl oz
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Anti-Acne Cream-Gel for Problem Skin "Before & After", Twins Tek, 50ml/ 1.69 fl oz

Brand: Twins Tek
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Cream-gel for problem skin Anti-Acne is a radical remedy for solving the problem of acne, as well as problematic skin in adolescents.
Thanks to the unique innovative complex AK.NET (France) and Regu-seb (Switzerland) has an antimicrobial effect, is effective for skin defects and seborrhea, prevents the formation of acne.
Removes excess sebum, deeply cleanses the epidermis and partially removes lipid components that clog pores, regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands.
The plant complex included in the composition has a high anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.
Active ingredients:
Aloe vera will simply complement the action of chamomile and calendula and complete it with an incredible softening of problem skin.
Meadowsweet extract, sesame seed and vitamin E will help to normalize the proper functioning of secret glands for a long time, which will allow the sebum to only perform its protective functions.
Succession of tea tree and arnica will perfectly relieve inflammation and help the skin of the face to acquire a normal and beautiful color.
All these components work this way: actively cleanse the outer layer of the skin and restore subcutaneous cells, allowing the skin of the face to be beautiful.
Recommendations for use:
It is necessary to use twice a day.
In the morning, after you finish the washing procedure, apply a small amount of cream gel and slowly rub it into the skin.
The cream gel is perfectly absorbed and does not leave greasy smudges or traces.
In the evening, after removing makeup and cleansing the skin, apply the cream gel with the same careful movements.
AC.NET , a complex of extracts of green tea, turnip, calendula, chamomile, arnica, Regu-seb (argan oil, dwarf palm fruit extract and sesame seed), meadowsweet extract, Aloe Vera gel, allantoin, citric acid, silver citrate, vitamin E.

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