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Altai Natural Flower Honey
Altai Natural Flower Honey "Gorny", Medovy Kray, 500g/ 17.63oz
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Altai Natural Flower Honey
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Altai Natural Flower Honey "Gorny", Medovy Kray, 500g/ 17.63oz

Brand: Medovy Kray


The unique taste and aroma of mountain honey vary significantly depending on the time and place of honey collection.
The color of mountain honey varies from white, light lemon to darker with a greenish tinge.
Crystallization of the product is acceptable.
Honey plants: yellow acacia, mother-stepmother, candyk, dandelion, meadowsweet, honeydew, cypress, oregano, sweet clover, ringed sage, snakehead, safflower leucea (maral root), rhodiola rosea (golden root), kopeck (red root), alpine geranium, thyme, Siberian cornflower, medicinal hemophlebone, sickle crowned, raspberry and others.
Mountain honey has strong antibacterial properties and gently restores the body's defenses, providing a restorative effect.
It is recommended to use it in the treatment of sore throat, runny nose, laryngitis, cardiovascular system, as well as as a sedative for nervous diseases and insomnia.

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