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Altai Natural Flower Honey
Altai Natural Flower Honey "Buckwheat", Medovy Kray, 500g/ 17.63oz
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Altai Natural Flower Honey
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Altai Natural Flower Honey "Buckwheat", Medovy Kray, 500g/ 17.63oz

Brand: Medovy Kray


It contains more essential amino acids, trace elements and especially iron than light varieties of honey.
After eating buckwheat honey, a "tickle" in the throat is characteristic.
It is especially recommended in the treatment of diseases associated with hematopoiesis, beriberi, in the treatment of liver and biliary tract, radiation damage, as well as for the treatment and prevention of colds, hypertension in combination with drugs that lower blood pressure, etc.
Buckwheat honey belongs to the dark varieties of honey. It has a peculiar aroma and a specific taste. During crystallization, it turns into a mass of different granularity.

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