Albadent Antiseptic Mouthwash with Mummy (Mumiyo), 13.52 oz / 400 ml

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Albadent Antiseptic Mouthwash with Mummy (Mumiyo) Description

The mouthwash prevents the growth of pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity. it eliminates the first symptoms of periodontitis, bleeding and swelling, improves mineral metabolism and nutrition of the gums and mucous membranes, accelerates the healing of tissues, removes plaque and bad breath.
Mummy or mumiyo (shilajit) is a natural bio-stimulator with proven high antimicrobial activity, has a powerful hemostatic effect, accelerates the regeneration of bone tissue.
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Wonderful flavor and incredibly soothing - this is the mouthwash that makes you happy. Clean, fresh and healthy - I use it twice a day.