Agrimonia Eupatoria (Repeshok) Altai, KIMA, 50 g/ 0.11 lb
Agrimonia Eupatoria (Repeshok) Altai, KIMA, 50 g/ 0.11 lb
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Agrimonia Eupatoria (Repeshok) Altai, KIMA, 50 g/ 0.11 lb

Properties of agrimony:
The beneficial properties of the herb for the liver are proven by the history of long-term use in folk practice and confirmed in modern scientific medical laboratories.
The herb has diuretic, choleretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and general tonic properties. Cleanses the liver cells from toxins.
It has the ability to restore damaged liver cells, bind and remove toxins, remove tissue edema, and normalize liver function.
Ancient treatises call repeshok a remedy that eliminates the hardening of the liver. In the modern language of doctors, this condition of the liver is called cirrhosis.
The astringent properties of agrimony is combined with a diuretic, i.e. diuretic. 
The herb has the property of dissolving salts, destroying viruses and bacteria, and relieving inflammation. Helps with urinary incontinence, in the treatment of chronic chronic cystitis.
It contains tannins that have the property of strengthening blood vessels, stopping diarrhea, as well as flavonoids, polysaccharides, organic acids, vitamins B, C, PP, mineral salts, trace elements iron, sulfur, manganese, potassium, silicon.
A complex of natural substances in the composition of agrimony, determines its useful properties.
The use of agrimony:
The herb is well known among the people and is used in folk medicine.
It is used to treat many ailments-from simple sore throats and colds to cancer.
Approved for use by pharmacopoeias of many countries of the world.
It is used for various liver diseases-cirrhosis, stones, as well as for gastric diseases, diarrhea and intestinal lethargy, jaundice, rheumatism, gout, hemorrhoids.
Externally, an aqueous infusion is used for rinsing with inflammatory processes of the oral cavity and pharynx.
Since the time of the ancient medical schools of China, India and Central Asia, repeshok has been used as an effective remedy for the treatment of liver diseases,
As a hemostatic agent for various hemorrhages,
To accelerate the healing of bleeding wounds, abrasions, skin damage.
The presence of repeshka in herbal combinations is important in the treatment of liver problems.
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