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Adjika "Green Jalapeno", Kinto, 265g / 9.35oz
$ 7.99
SKU: 314103

Adjika "Green Jalapeno", Kinto, 265g / 9.35oz

Brand: Kinto


Seasoning of fresh hot green jalapeno pepper with the addition of fragrant freshly ground spices, fresh garlic and a small amount of tomato paste.
Jalapeno green pepper fresh (80%), coriander fresh, parsley fresh, garlic fresh, salt, acidity regulator-acetic acid, spices, thickener-xanthan gum (0.1%)
Storage conditions:
Keep the opened product in the refrigerator.
Nutritional value of 100g of product:
0 proteins
0 fats
14 carbohydrates
52 kcal

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